After a lot of deliberation with myself and encouragement by others I have decided to start my own blog. The last time I had a real Internet presence was back in 1998 when I had my own homepage. Today the only way to see that page is to use So let me reintroduce myself 😉

I am 31 years old and I live in the wooded town of Zeist in the Netherlands. Since 1999 I work for LogicaCMG as an IT consultant. And roughly the same amount of time I have worked for a well-known Triple-A bank in the Netherlands. My main work related interests are Microsoft .NET related technologies. Especially C#, ASP.NET, Indigo and Avalon. I also have a big interest in Service Orientented Architecture and other architecture related stuff.

I do not work full time for that Triple-A bank. Since last year I work two days a week directly for LogicaCMG. In those two days I work on competence development, R&D, our Intranet and consultancy for other customers.

In september I hope to able to go to the Microsoft PDC 2005. This blog entry explains better than I could why I would rather like to go there than to TechEd Europe. That blog also features a really nice “I'll be there” logo that I would like to put on this blog!

Outside of work I am very interested in digital photography. I own a Canon EOS 20D and some cool lenses to go with it. I also enjoy watching movies a lot. The next one I am going to see is probably Batman Begins. I also like watching DVDs. These days I am watching the American Queer As Folk Series - Season 3 (I have already seen the first and second season).

I hope to share some insights and opinions with you on this blog in the future.

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