I am going to PDC 2005

My manager just told me the good news. My proposal to go to PDC 2005 in Los Angeles has been approved. I am really excited to be able to hear the hot new stuff about Longhorn, IIS 7.0, ASP.NET 3.0 and C# 3.0 at that conference.

PDC I'll be there logo

It'll be strange to hear Microsoft talk in September about the vNext-Next instead of just vNext, considering .NET 2.0 and related technologies will not be released until November 7. But Longhorn will be the vNext for Windows, just as it was at PDC 2003. Microsoft has said it has several things up its sleave for Longhorn that they haven't talked about in public yet.

I wonder if Microsoft will disclose the new shell codenamed “Aero”. Microsoft has been keeping an Apple-like secrecy about “Aero”.It has been deliberately excluded from all publicly released builds of Longhorn so far. Some computer magazines (like the Dutch PCM) have written ridiculous articles about Longhorn by reviewing the shell that was released with those builds. They concluded that Longhorn sucks. The shell that was shown was just a minor variation on the XP shell.

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