Windows Vista Solitaire

After installing Windows Vista and revealing that it has no significant dependency on WinFX or the .NET Framework it is on to the fun stuff. This is the view of the Games folder:

Windows Vista Games folder (click for larger version)

As you can see the icons are scalable to large sizes and are vector based. After this eye candy be prepared for some devastation:

Solitaire looks disappointing (click for larger version)

These are old-style bitmap graphics that don't scale ;( Check out Adam Nathan's blog post about XAML cards for what could have been if Avalon had been used.

Very revealing is his reply to a comment:

"Thanks! To be clear, this is just a demonstration for the sake of developer education. I don't currently know what the plans are for the card games shipping in future versions of Windows."

I can't run his sample app even with WinFX installed, because it is not distributed in executable format.

Well I guess I have to try if the WinFX SDK and Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 will install on top of Windows Vista. The WinFX SDK is not included on the Windows Vista DVD so I had to download it. Luckily the pesky Windows Genuine Validation tool thinks that my Windows Vista installation is genuine so I could start the setup. But then I ran into trouble. Check out my next blog post for more details.

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