New Event Viewer on Windows Vista

After further exploring Windows Vista it turns out that are some more components than just ASP.NET 2.0 that use managed code. The visuals of the new Event Viewer looked a bit funny and the UI performed sluggishly. Here's a screenshot of the new Event Viewer:

The new Event Viewer on Windows Vista (click for larger version)

This new Event Viewer has gained quite a bit of functionality:

"Improvements to the Windows event logging service make the Windows Vista desktop easier to manage and monitor and provide better information for troubleshooting. Strict standards ensure that events are meaningful, actionable, and well-documented. Many components that stored logging information in text files in previous versions of Windows now add events to the event log. With event forwarding, administrators can centrally manage events from computers anywhere on the network, making it easier to proactively identify problems and to correlate problems that affect multiple computers. Finally, the event viewer has been completely rewritten to allow users to filter and sort events, control which type of events are logged, discover events more easily, and perform basic diagnostic tasks. This input makes it much more practical for administrators to use the event log to troubleshoot users' problems."

After firing up Sysinternals' Process Explorer my suspicions were confirmed: the CLR was loaded. After a couple of minutes it was undeniable when the Event Viewer crashed with the following managed code stack trace. Also note the new UI for sending crash reports to Microsoft:

The new Event Viewer on Windows Vista crashes (click for larger version)

The stack trace shows that the sluggish UI might be caused by the strange UI model chosen for the Event Viewer. The unmanaged Management Console (mmc.exe) process hosts the managed Event Viewer plug-in. This managed plug-in generates HTML code that is shown by using the Windows Forms 2.0 WebBrowser control. This control uses the unmanaged rendering engine of Internet Explorer to display a list of events. I hope that the final version will use Avalon and it's powerful databinding techniques for displaying a list of events.

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