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What better thing to do on a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning than to read up on service design?

Before you answer it, this is a rhetorical question and I know I should get a life 😉 In fact I am going to Sail 2005 in Amsterdam later this day with a friend and it looks like the wheather is going to be good.

But back to the subject of this post. John Evdemon from Microsoft published two articles on service design on MSDN last week:

  • Principles of Service Design: Service Patterns and Anti-Patterns
    Summary: This paper, the first of a multi-paper series, provides some fundamental principles for designing and implementing Web services. The paper starts with a brief review of SOA concepts and leads up to a detailed discussion of several patterns and anti-patterns that developers can leverage when building Web services today. Guidance in this paper is applicable to any programming language or platform for which Web services can be developed and deployed.
  • Principles of Service Design: Service Versioning
    Summary: This paper is the second in a multi-paper series focusing on service design principles. This paper surveys some fundamental guidelines for versioning schemas and Web services. Six specific principles for versioning Web services are identified.

The first article is highly recommended for anyone new to service orientation, because it starts with a good introduction and explanation of the four tenets of service orientation. The patterns and anti-patterns give concrete advice on do's and don'ts when designing service interfaces. The guidance in the second article is also pretty concrete.

I am looking forward to future articles in the series. I like John's writing style and approach to giving guidance.

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