Clean Build checkin policy in Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Tonight I went to the monthly dotNed user group meeting. Dennis Mulder and Pieter de Bruin of Avanade gave a presentation and a demonstration of Visual Studio 2005 Team System Client + Team Foundation Server.

Not a lot of people in the audience had experimented with Team System. Maybe this is due to the hefty system requirements. At my department of LogicaCMG we have installed and used several versions of Team System up till Beta 2. That last version was stable enough to use as source control system for a small project and looked very promising.

During the meeting there was a discussion on checkin policies and whether or not a policy existed to check for build errors before allowing checkins. Dennis and Pieter had not seen it. I remembered using it together with Lennard Bakker (a colleague from LogicaCMG) in the project mentioned above.

Unfortunately I cannot connect to our Team Foundation Server from home to check it, but I found a blog entry about it on the Team Foundation's WebLog. In Beta 2 it is called the Clean Build checkin policy. The post indicates that it is integrated in the Code Analysis checkin policy after Beta 2 and no longer a separate policy. I haven't checked out the July CTP so I am not sure if the change is there. The Team Foundation's WebLog has gone silent after May 2005, so I guess everybody on the team is hard at work on Beta 3 of TFS.

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