PDC 2005 before, during and after flair

On my blog you can see a so-called PDC 2005 flair image. I have used my poor Photoshop skills to create two additional PDC 2005 flair images. It would be pretty lame if I would leave the "I'll be there" flair on during and after the PDC.

PDC 2005 - Before flairPDC 2005 - During flairPDC 2005 - After flair

Photoshop's healing brush is great, but unfortunately there is no feature to magically match bitmapped fonts that are already present in the image. Or it might be there and I just could not find it in the myriad of options. Anyway, this is the best I could do in the limited amount of time I was willing to spend on it. Feel free to rip off these images or let me know if you have better looking versions.

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