Come and play WinFX Hearts!

Come and play WinFX Hearts! I am waiting for three more players to be able to start a game 😉

WinFX Hearts is the old Internet Hearts application with a new look. Adam Nathan upgraded the application to use "Avalon" and other .NET related technologies. But is also uses a lot of the old C++ code and Win32. It is actually a case study for the interop between Windows Presentation Foundation and Win32.  More details can be found on Adam's blog. Here's one of his pictures:

The old and new look of Internet Hearts

What do you need to play? Well since it uses ClickOnce technology, managed code and Windows Presentation Foundation:

  • Beta 1 (or Beta 1 RC) of the WinFX Runtime Components
  • Beta 2 of the .NET Framework 2.0
  • 128MB+ dedicated VRAM

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