Hi from LA

Like Rene and Rob I have also made it safely to Los Angeles. A day later, because I am not going to a precon. I am traveling on a slightly smaller budget than my colleagues (I guess because I am from a poorer part of the company). Hey Rene, a shuttlebus from LAX costs only 15$! Fortunately my 60$ a night motel has free wifi, so this post comes from my Smartphone with wireless access somewhere on West 7th Street, Downtown LA. The Convention Center is in walking distance, but it seems to be ill advised for security reasons. But I'll take my chances during daylight. If anyone knows how I can create a hyperlink in a post on Community Server from a Pocket PC, please let me know by posting a comment.

One thought on “Hi from LA

  1. Frits


    well, do make sure you don't scare any of the locals on your way to the convention site in the morning?

    And have a nice time in LA, of course. Will you bring us back a few pics of those scary, bendy curves on your way to the Grand Canyon?


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