Shock and awe at the PDC05?

Robert Scoble raises the expectations of the PDC05 so high that I really wonder if Microsoft can live up to those expectations. He uses the words shock and awe.

Luckily I have already gotten my shot of awe yesterday. Beta 1 of Windows Vista certainly didn't come near such an experience. Sure the glass effect is nice, but it was not put to any good use in the shell. Internet Hearts (Avalon based) comes much closer, but it will not ship in Vista ;( I was in shock and awe after PDC 2003, but after Microsoft's failure to deliver on the vision presented there, I have grown to be more critical of things shown in demos.

Like Mary Jo Foley, I have been anticipating some very cool things to be shown here at the PDC. The signs have been there that Sparkle (the design experience for Avalon and related technology) will finally be announced. There is bound to be some cool Office 12 news. Language Integrated Query will hopefully be amazing. MSN will publish a lot of developer APIs.

Scoble is talking about something not leaked by Microsoft, and not foreseen by anybody yet. I certainly don't have a clue. Okay, I will stop speculating and will try to be patient for an additional 22 hours. If you know me, you know that patience is not one of my virtues 😉

But before I end. I have an even more critical note. I thought one of the prerequisites for teams to able to present at the PDC, is that they have bits to ship. At PDC 2003 this was true for Longhorn, WinFS, Avalon and Indigo. Unfortunately this shows that being able to ship bits, does not mean you are able to deliver a product within two years after shipping those bits. Now Mary Jo is predicting (and she is usually right) that Office 12 and Sparkle will not be in the bits handed out to the PDC attendees. I certainly hope she is wrong for once.

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