Censorship on PDCBloggers.NET?

Today I checked the referrer logs for my blog entries about the PDC. I noticed that two of my PDC posts were not syndicated on PDC Bloggers.NET. Although evidently about the PDC, they were apparently ignored by the editors of PDC Bloggers.NET.

Of course I can can only speculate about the cause of this, but I noticed that these two posts were my two most critical posts about the PDC:

I sure hope this was just a coincidence and not some sort of censorship. In the FAQ the site states that

"How do you choose posts for the main aggregated feeds?

Most posts that appear in your blog that relate to the Microsoft PDC or technologies discussed at the PDC will appear in the feed as long as we can determine they are in fact about the event. Mentioning the Microsoft PDC in the post will help. There are a few exceptions, for example, very short posts will probably not be picked for the main feed."

Although the PDC Bloggers site is said not to be run by Microsoft, such sneaky censorship by entities not governed by Microsoft is not without precedence. The proposal for a Birds of a Feather session about Mono at the PDC was quietly ignored by INETA. More details can be found on this blog entry by Miguel Icaza. I find that sneaky because Microsoft and INETA pretended that all proposals would be up for voting by PDC attendees. Final selection would be based on popularity. The Mono proposal never made it to this voting process.

[Update 2005-10-16: I received an apology from an aggregating editor of PDCBloggers.net because the two posts in question were overlooked by mistake.]

One thought on “Censorship on PDCBloggers.NET?

  1. They were having some rules in the feed engine to see if your blog entry really was about PDC. To make sure it was always caught you had to add a special HREF with PDC05 somewhere in every blog entry.


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