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T-Mobile has a great offer in the Netherlands: unlimited GPRS and WiFi access on a smartphone for only € 9.95 a month (that's about $ 8.65). I just signed up because I have a qualifying smartphone (Qtek 2020i) and T-Mobile subscription and I think it's a really compelling offer. Admittedly the number of WiFi hotspots is still quite limited and GPRS is not very fast, but still good value for money.

Last month I had to call 0900-9292 to get information about the departure time for a bus. Just that call cost me a long wait and € 6.50. Now I can get the same information faster and cheaper if only http://www.9292ov.nl/ would be more PDA friendly ;(

But for instance NU.nlGmail and Bloglines have excellent PDA versions of their sites.

More details on this offer can be found on the T-Mobile site (in Dutch).

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  1. I also took the offer but also bought the MDA Pro along with it for 320 euros. You have to take a voice abbo also so i took the 20 euro a month one. Obviously i do not call with it because i have the company gsm but hey... i now am online all the time.

    I think using my Laptop with the MdaPro is possible even via BlueTooth. I assume so because my TomTomGo also connects with this thing the same way.

    I often am at clients where the only analog line is the fax cable (even at our concullega CMG in Amstelveen at least at the top of the large building havent been anywhere else), so replicating my Lotus Notes with using my MdaPro would be the most ideal.

    I have downloaded the application GPRS Connect which you can download from the T-Mobile site. It lets you do just that. Only thing is.... i havent had the time to play with it, the MdaPro is not in the default supported list. But according to the helpdesk it IS possible to use the MdaPro with the InternetTotaal as modem and as far as i can see it is (at least...my TomTomGo manages to use it like that).

    I would be interested if you already managed to do so by using the GPRS connect tool or another tool. If you have than please contact me at the contact form of leau.net.


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