All PDC05 sessions available for viewing

You gotta love Microsoft for this one. All PDC05 sessions, panel discussions and symposia can be viewed online for free for the coming six months. Better still, you can download the PowerPoint slides and the entire presentations for offline viewing. This is a screenshot of one of the PDC05 sessions in Internet Explorer:

Screenshot of online viewing of a PDC05 presentation (click for larger version)

You can see both an audio/video stream and the slides simultaneuosly. For demos the slides are swapped for the captured video of the demo computer:

Screenshot of online viewing of a demo during one of the presentations at PDC05 (click for larger version)

It's almost as good as being there 😉 More details can be found on Michael Swanson's blog.

One thought on “All PDC05 sessions available for viewing

  1. Wow, with videos included!!! That's something I normally really miss, also with the TechEd05 DVD's. It's so boring watching a single slide for half an hour, listening to someone but not seeing him.

    Well, seems I've got something to do now for the next few evenings! 😉


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