Upgrading to the Team Foundation Server Release Candidate

Yesterday the Release Candidate for Team Foundation Server was released on MSDN Subscriber downloads.

We used the Beta 3 Refresh version for source control for the Rabobank TV project at LogicaCMG since Beta 3 Refresh already came with a Go-Live license. I also have a Team Foundation Server installation running in a Virtual PC image for research purposes. In preparation for upgrading our "production" server I just upgraded this installation to the Release Candidate. Rob Caron has a short version of the upgrade procedure on his blog but I also read the longer Upgrade Guide. This guide is included in the upgrade utilities package that Rob links to.

The upgrade went smooth in one try. After some tests I took the the installation survey and I submitted my upgrade logs to Microsoft. The first 300 people to do this are eligible for receiving a Team Foundation Server T-shirt.

I checked if it had become easier to label files. One of the first things I noticed in the Release Candidate of Team Explorer is that it is easier to label a set of source-controlled files. You can now first select a folder or a set of files and then type in the details for the label. The old implementation made you type in the label data first and in the next step had forgotten on which folder you selected "Apply Label" so you had to select it again.

Next I wondered if viewing labels had also become easier. I knew how to do it using this procedure:

  • Select "Get Specific Version" on a folder or file.
  • Change the version type to "Label" in the "Get" dialog box that pops up.
  • Click the button with three dots after the input field. The "Find Label" dialog box pops up.
  • Optionally select a project and click "Find". You now get a list of labels.

You can see these dialog boxes  in this screenshot:

Screenshot of finding a label in Team Foundation Server

Note: This TFS source control repository only contains the latest version of Rabobank TV, that's why you see only one label.

Today I found an alternative way is to use the menu item "File | Source Control | Label | Find label", as documented in MSDN. This immediately pops up the "Find Label" dialog box. A blog entry by Brain Harry from November 2005 already describes this method. I guess it must have been in Beta 3 Refresh all along. So his fear that this option wasn't really discoverable turns out to be true. Brian also explains why it is very difficult for Microsoft to include label information in  the "View History" information as SourceSafe does. TFS labels are not really point-in-time labels as they were in SourceSafe.

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