Atlas talk by Scott Guthrie at the Microsoft Developer Days

Today at the Microsoft Developer Days in the Netherlands, Scott Guthrie gave a talk about "Atlas". He showed off a diverse feature set with lots of demos. Scott anounced there will an Atlas release with a go-live license this spring. As always Scott did a great job with his presentation.

I am very amazed by the speed at which the ASP.NET team has been rolling out new technology "out-of-band" and by the speed at which they are responding to customer feedback. With "out-of-band" I mean shipping  add-ons, enhancements and CTPs that work on top of the officially supported ASP.NET 2.0 release and Visual Studio 2005. This way we don't have to wait for Visual Studio "Orcas" to get these enhancements.

Scott is the general manager for the Client and Web Platform & Tools Team at Microsoft. He also mentioned the CLR, but it isn't clear to me if he has also become responsible for managing the CLR team. I continue to be amazed by how much Scott knows about the technology his team is working on. This is unfortunately quite rare for managers.

If you are interested in ASP.NET and haven't yet subscribed to Scott's blog (through this RSS feed of course), I highly recommend doing so. For instance, he has a blog entry about the latest publicly available Atlas build.

And lastly, wanna take a guess at what the cool name "Atlas" will turn into once Microsoft's marketing department gets a hold of it when it becomes an official product? Please leave a comment.

[Update 2006-03-12: Scott just posted a blog entry about his talk with a link to the slides and demos.]

One thought on “Atlas talk by Scott Guthrie at the Microsoft Developer Days

  1. Hehehehe, work with it and see a javascript error pop up. Nothing you can do about it, because it's all in the libraries and generated code.

    NOTHING you can do. 🙂

    Seeing something happen before your eyes, doesn't mean it's working. Even when Guthrie says so! 😉


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