Visual Basic 9.0 is love

Today I convinced two of my collegues to join me to attend Erik Meijer's session about Visual Basic 9 at the Dutch Microsoft Developer Days. To protect the innocent I will not reveal their identities here 😉 They were in for a treat!

Erik gave a very dynamic, energetic and entertaining talk about some of the new language features for VB 9.0: more dynamic typing, type inferencing, LINQ and XML integration. Unlike Erik, his laptop was having some energy shortage problems. Erik found himself a volunteer to hold the power cables together and managed to work through this.

I have previously outed myself as being very interested in Visual Basic 9. I am still not convinced that having a case-insensitive language is a good thing. Nor do I like line continuation characters. Sorry Erik, I am just not ready for that yet! 😉 But if C# 3.0 doesn't gain some of the new VB 9.0 features I think I will be compelled to overcome those small hurdles in the future.

At the end of his talk Erik gave us the mission to spread the love. So here it is: you gotta love VB 9.0! VB 9.0 *is* .

One thought on “Visual Basic 9.0 is love

  1. I completely have to agree with you,

    But unfortunately some morons decided C# was the way to go, everybody was laughing about a VB.Net programmer.

    But in fact they actually programmed faster BECAUSE of the great intellisense that VB has.


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