Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging

[Update 2006-03-24: The Microsoft iPod Packaging video can now be found on Google Video]

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know a recurring theme is me complaining about Microsoft product branding: overly long product names and names causing confusion amongst different products.

Of course there are other people doing the same thing. It is also a recurring theme on the Microsoft Monitor weblog. For example, this entry about how confusing the name Office Live is. Through another entry on this blog I found the Microsoft iPod packaging video on YouTube. This is a spoof that was leaked from Microsoft. It is a hilarious take on what happens if you let Microsoft name and package the iPod.

Here is a still from the video to get an idea what this leads to:

Image of a spoofed product box for a Microsoft iPod

Hopefully the makers of this video and other Microsofties that feel the same, will gain a foothold inside Microsoft.

Maybe someday Microsoft will resist the temptation to slam things like "Home Premium" to the otherwise cool name "Windows Vista" (beautiful page by the way). I do like the name "Windows Vista Ultimate" but I fear it's just an excuse to get extra $$$$$ from customers. Let's hope it is included in my MSDN Premium Subscription for Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers and I don't need to upgrade it to MSDN Extra Premium Subscription for Visual Studio 2005 Team System with Windows Vista Ultimate.

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