Going to see the solar eclipse in Turkey

On March 29, 2006 a total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Turkey. In the Netherlands the eclipse will only be partial, which is no way near as spectacular as a total eclipse. The Wikipedia article on solar eclipses has nice animation of this solar eclipse.

I am leaving tomorrow for an 8-day vacation in Turkey to see this solar eclipse and to hike in the beautiful region named Cappadocia.

Hopefully I might be able to take a photograph as beautiful as the one you see below, which was taken by Govert Schilling. But it probably won't happen because it is quite difficult to get the correct lighting in the short timespan of 3-4 minutes of totality.

Picture of total solar eclipse. The corona of the sun is visible.

In this picture you can see the corona of the sun. The corona is only visible during a total solar eclipse, because the sun itself is a million times brighter.

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