Rabobank.nl site wins Usability Award 2006

The new Rabobank.nl web site (www.rabobank.nl) won the Usability Award 2006 today. This yearly award goes to the most usable* web site in the Netherlands.

As you can imagine this made quite a lot of team members at the Rabobank happy today. Here's what the Rabobank had to say about winning the award.

*) You had to be nominated and get to the short-list in order to win. There might be even more usable web sites out there that were not nominated 😉

One thought on “Rabobank.nl site wins Usability Award 2006

  1. Nathan J Pledger

    That is very nice. Can't understand a word of it, but the markup is very fine indeed.

    Also appreciate the link in same window, without opening a new window. Its the little things ....


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