Detailed Google Earth imagery for Zeist, The Netherlands

Do you know the Google Earth application? It's a great free program that allows you to fly over the surface of the earth and watch satellite imagery and aerial photograph. The detail level can be amazing: details of up to 50cm can be visible. But those detailed images are not available for all locations.

A couple of days ago, I read in the local newspaper that detailed imagery of Zeist was made available in Google Earth. Zeist is the town where I live in the Netherlands. So I checked it out. It was really amazing. I can almost recognize the cars parked in front of my flat. Google Earth also has a nice feature to save a location and point of view, so others can start from there. Here is the placemark for my home.

Go and check if you can find your own home.

Google Earth picture of my home

One thought on “Detailed Google Earth imagery for Zeist, The Netherlands

  1. It's me again. I do recommend using Google Earth over Google Maps. For instance, if you start Google Earth by using the placemark linked in my blog entry, you are treated to a smooth fly-in from space to that location. Especially when the imagery has been cached.


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