Fiddling with the HTTP traffic to the MetaWeblogAPI from Word 2007 Beta 2

Okay, so I had to cheat a bit on my first entry that I published from Word 2007. I got a publishing error at first. Digging in at the HTTP traffic with the Fiddler HTTP Debugging Proxy, I discovered that this was due to a compatibility problem in formatting the creation date time between Word 2007 and the MetaWeblogAPI running at

Fiddler is a powerful tool that allows you to resend HTTP requests (even POSTs) after fiddling with them. After I changed the date time format from 2006-05-23T19:18:28Z to 20060523T19:18:28, the MetaWeblogAPI accepted my blog post. I found the correct format in this MSDN article.

I am really glad to get all the features of Word back when composing a blog entry, like grammar and spell checking. Previously I started out in Word but had to do a lot of tweaking when pasting the entry into the FCKeditor HTML editor control on

Also very cool is that you can open previous blog posts from within Word by using the “Open Existing” feature.

Below you can see what the first blog entry looked like after I republished it. BTW, I didn’t have to fiddle with the HTTP traffic on republishing. I did notice that the post wasn’t syndicated on the main feed by default, so I had to enable this option through the web site after publishing.

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