ADO.NET 3.0 articles appear again on MSDN, or so you would think…

It looks like the infamous ADO.NET vNext articles try to rear their head again on MSDN. They were taken down before. I just noticed they reappeared in the RSS feed for Visual Studio. At the moment they are also announced on the Visual Studio 2005 page on MSDN, because this page shows the newest items on this RSS feed.

But guess what, the links are dead. So you are still not able to read these articles. There is no official word from Microsoft about what is going on with these articles.

Below you see a screenshot of part of the RSS feed as rendered by Firefox. Just to prove I didn't see ghosts in case these items also disappear from the RSS feed 🙂

Screenshot of ADO.NET 3.0 articles showing up again in the MSDN RSS feed.

One thought on “ADO.NET 3.0 articles appear again on MSDN, or so you would think…

  1. Sorry for another post, but my guess is this all ties in the the numbers on Lost. Perhaps ADO.NET 2.0 is the monster on Lost, it appears briefly and then disappears before anybody gets a real look at it. My guess is John Lock is behind all this ...


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