MSDN Wiki: My First Submission

Yesterday I submitted my first entry to MSDN Wiki. MSDN Wiki is a web site from Microsoft that allows the community to submit corrections, additions, samples etc. to the online MSDN documentation. If you don't know what a wiki is, check out the wiki entry on wiki on Wikipedia 😉

MSDN Wiki is currently in beta. The content is a duplicate of a part of the MSDN Library site. Currently it only contains the Visual Studio and the .NET Framework SDK branches.

My entry was a correction to the documentation of the System.Web.UI.Html32TextWriter.ShouldPerformDivTableSubstitution property.

Since Microsoft reserves the right to remove content at any time and content can be removed by others as well (that's the nature of wiki), here is a copy of my text:

The MSDN documentation states: "Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating whether to replace a Table element with a Div element to reduce the time that it takes to render a block of HTML."

The substitution actually works the other way around: If this property is set to true and if the browser supports tables, the Html32TextWriter will replace Div elements with Table elements. The idea is that older user agents that support HTML 3.2 (and not HTML 4.0) do not support Div elements.

This can be seen by checking the implementations of the Html32TextWriter.GetTagName method and the System.Web.UI.Page.InitializeWriter method using Reflector.

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