My favorite Outlook 2007 feature

I haven't had much time for blogging lately. The reason being that I have just bought an appartement in Amsterdam and I am selling my current appartment in Zeist. I will exchange a beautiful view over the woods from the 9th floor for a magnificent view over Amsterdam from the 15th floor.

But I had to blog that I just discovered my favorite feature in Outlook 2007.

Just as I was typing an e-mail message I hit a key combination that was formerly unknown to me. With previous Outlook versions it has happened to me several times that I sent unfinished e-mails while not being aware what I did wrong. Now I know.

Today I hit something on the keyboard and a dialog popped up that said something like:

You pressed CTRL + ENTER. Would you like to use this key combination in the future to send e-mail?

Of course, I answered: NO!

If you find want to prevent Ctrl + Enter from sending e-mail in older Outlook versions (2000, 2002/XP, 2003), check out this tip on adding a registry entry to prevent accidental sending.

One thought on “My favorite Outlook 2007 feature

  1. Nathan Pledger

    I find ALT+left-click happens to me a lot. (Bizarre, I know). It pops up a Reference pane or something in Outlook 2003. I would be glad to see this disappear into hell!


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