Windows Vista Build Numbers

-4xxx: Before Longhorn reset

4051: PDC 03 build
4074: WinHEC 2004 build


5xxx-: After Longhorn reset

5112: Beta 1 build

52xx-53xx: Beta 2 build numbers

5219: September 05 CTP build (PDC05)
5270: December 05 CTP build
5308: February 06 CTP build
5384: Beta 2 build

54xx-56xx: RC1 build numbers

5472: July 06 CTP build
5536: Pre-RC1 build
5600: RC1 build

57xx-: The RTM build numbers

So what's up with these build numbers and with big jumps in between? Through Mary Jo Foley I found an blog post explaining the build number strategy on the Windows Vista Team Blog. I am subscribed to roughly 150 RSS feeds, but that blog wasn't on my list yet. Subscribed.

This Wikipedia article has a great write-up of the development history of Windows Vista and gives a lot of details about build numbers.

Note that build numbers are not chronological. There can be parallel development on different branches: like RC1 and RTM. This means that the 5700 build from the RTM branch is older that the 5536 build from the RC1 branch.

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