Windows Vista Flip 3D On Steroids

Today Matthijs installed the pre-RC1 build (5536) of Windows Vista on our second Shuttle PC. Previously that machine had the July CTP build (5472) of Windows Vista on it.

I remembered that the Remote Desktop Connection has some very cool new capabilities when connecting from a Vista machine to another Vista machine. It can remote the Aero interface very efficiently . The client PC has to have enough horsepower to run Aero, but the server PC doesn't have to be able to run Aero itself!

Unfortunately different builds of Vista cannot connect to each other, even though Windows XP machines can connect to either builds and both builds of Vista can connect to Windows XP. Quite clearly an example of a non-transitive relationship 😉

So we had to make sure both Shuttle PCs were running 5536.

The first remote desktop connection from Vista to Vista was a disappointment. No AERO ;( Lennard suggested that we change the connection settings before connecting. Changing the connection speed from 56k6 to LAN-speed made all the difference. It's almost unnoticable you are working remote. For example, the transparent glass effect works and Flip 3D also works just fine across a remote desktop connection.

After that, I couldn't resist doing a double Flip 3D. Meaning a simultaneous Flip 3D on both the client and the server. Check out the result below:

One thought on “Windows Vista Flip 3D On Steroids

  1. Stephan Dekker

    Yep, downloading it now....

    Gues i took the "Yesterday I was one of the happy few who was in time to download the pre-RC1 build 5536 of Windows Vista. Microsoft limited the number of downloads to 100,000" a bit too serious or i overestimated the curiousity of the .NET wold.

    Hey ho!, Let's GO!!


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