Going on vacation to France

Sunday, I am going on a one-week trip to the South of France, near Carcassonne. The trip is organized by the Dutch travel organization SNP. Here is the description of the trip (in Dutch). The following pictures are from the SNP site (photograph taken by Ben van Hecke):

 Map of the region in the South of France where I am going on holiday Picture of the walls of Carcassone

After the trip I think I will take the plunge and finally sign up for a Flickr account to publish some of my photographs online. Especially now that I have seen the Flickr plugin for Windows Live Writer on RJ's blog.

BTW: Due to the heavy flood of comment spam here at BloggingAbout.NET, comment moderation is switched on on my blog. If you want to make a comment on one of my blog posts and have it appear immediately, please register as a user first. Otherwise anonymous comments will not be published until I get back and get the opportunity to do so.

One thought on “Going on vacation to France

  1. Erwyn,

    In the future, I hope to include Flickr into Community Server content selector. In other words, where you select photos from your gallery, there will also be a Flickr folder. I just don't know if you can configure that flickr folder per weblog, user or for the site globally. I hope per user.

    We'll keep you informed! 😉


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