I am an Agile Architect

Even though I blog a lot about installing things and trying out new Microsoft technology, my day job is being an application architect.

Today, I would like to state I am an Agile Architect.

Sam Gentile has a wonderful blog post titled Being an Agile Architect. I quote:

(...) Agile Architects CODE ALL THE TIME and SIT WITH THE WHOLE TEAM and not on the mount. We use Agile Modeling. We use Simple Models with Sketches, Whiteboards, Pair Programming rather than Rational Rose UML models because the value-add is the business value we generate in code (Software Is Your Primary Goal) not some UML diagram. I am an Agile Architect.

So Agile teams don't be afraid of us. After all we're guides on the same journey.

Hopefully Matthijs, the developer on the team for our Rabobank TV project, can agree that I practice what I preach 😉 At least on that project.

During my holiday, another project will start for which I proposed the high-level application architecture. That was a document containing a lot of words but 0% code. Nevertheless still pretty down to earth, and nothing like what Architecture Astronauts produce. My favorite piece from that post by Joel Spolsky:

Sometimes smart thinkers just don't know when to stop, and they create these absurd, all-encompassing, high-level pictures of the universe that are all good and fine, but don't actually mean anything at all. 

These are the people I call Architecture Astronauts. It's very hard to get them to write code or design programs, because they won't stop thinking about Architecture. They're astronauts because they are above the oxygen level, I don't know how they're breathing.

One thought on “I am an Agile Architect

  1. Rene Schrieken

    If you are an architect and not sitting with your team you're probably a blah blah architect, Nice shapes, connected with lines, over 100 pages of documents but no working software


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