Rory Blyth joins Channel9

My favorite blogger Rory Blyth (aka Neopoleon) has joined Channel9. Channel9 will never be the same again! He was a Microsoft employee presenting roadshows in the USA and was thinking about leaving Microsoft. I am glad Rory has decided to stay on in a different job.

I've been reading his blog since PDC03. He has written classics like:

WinFS and your p*rn collection - Making life easier

Check out Rory Blyth: The Exit Interview on Channel9. It's hilarious already. Can't wait to see him doing his first Channel9 interview.

I've never attended one of his presentations, but if you look at this list of Rory quotes they must have been extremely entertaining. As a teaser:

  • “Your skill set did not scale with your ambition.”
  • “…some people drink Honey but I think bee vomit is kind of gross”
  • “Reindeer Purple”
  • “…or whatever inferior scripting language you want to use”
  • “Whether you're using punch cards or people in the back writing real fast”
  • “Clipboard inheritance” - a term used to describe copying and pasting code to simulate inheritance, what a genius!
  • “I can scratch that off” - referring to a giveaway prize, left over from a previous conference that had a non-Microsoft label on it.
  • “…and other stuff like that” - summing up 2 slides that he skipped right through

BTW: Even though Rory is very in touch with his feminine side: he is not gay, he just acts like he is 😉

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