New hobby: Flickr

Thanks to Matthijs I found a new time-consuming hobby: uploading my pictures to Flickr.

I took some 400 photographs with my Canon EOS 20D during my holiday to the South of France in September 2006. During this vacation I was already being asked by one of the group members if I would put my photos online. At that time I didn't know where to store my Gigabytes of images. Matthijs told me that with a Flickr Pro account you can upload 2 GB a month without any limit on the total amount of storage you consume.

After some experimentation with tagging and uploading some of my pictures to Matthijs' Flickr account, I decided it was worth the effort and money ($24.95 a year).

But I did not want to be locked into Flickr forever. Once you add your metadata through the Flickr interface you are screwed. Flickr does not embed this data into your pictures. So if you want to take your pictures elsewhere, you loose the Flickr metadata. Fortunately, Flickr supports importing metadata that is embedded into your JPEG images. So the better option is to add the metadata to the images themselves before uploading them to Flickr. And that's what I did.

One of the great features of Flickr is the map view that shows you where you have taken your pictures. Provided you have geotagged your images of course. These are the keyword tags that I used for my pictures.

These are the tools I use for this hobby:

  • Windows Explorer. To copy, view and rotate (lossless JPEG operation) my images
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2. To enhance my images: cropping, rotation, enhancing shadows and highlights, do lens corrections (like remove vignetting, perspective correction, remove distortion).
  • Panorama Tools with PTAssembler and related utilities. For stitching my images to create panorama views.
  • Google Earth. To view the locations where I took my pictures.
  • Panorado Flyer. This is a Windows Shell add-in that allows me to easily geotag one or more images by selecting a location in Google Earth. Also lets Google Earth navigate to the location of a geotagged image.
  • PixVue. This is a shell add-in that allows me to easily add and edit IPTC and XMP metadata to my JPEGs. Makes keyword tagging very easy.
  • Enable Flickr to import geo-info embedded in the EXIF data.
  • Flickr Uploadr. Since I add all meta-data to my images, I just have to drag-and-drop my images from the Windows Explorer onto the Flickr Uploadr and press Upload.

RJ has also gotten the hang of geotagging his Flickr images. He has a cool Flickr badge on his blog. I'll have to nag Dennis about allowing the inclusion of script tags on my blog in Community Server. Right now, if I paste the Flickr badge code in my blog settings the script tags are escaped and output as plain text ;(

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  1. Simon, it worked for me as you described, so I am not sure where it goes wrong for you. Have you checked that PixVue did indeed save the metadata by looking at the properties of the image file?


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