Resident of Amsterdam

It's official. Since today, I am a resident (*) of Amsterdam. For my readers outside of Europe(do I have any?): Amsterdam is not the capital of Denmark, it's the capital of the Netherlands 😉

Flag of the city of Amsterdam

This morning I got the keys to my new apartment after the transfer of ownership at the notary. This afternoon I went to the city hall of Stadsdeel Zeeburg to change my residential address from Zeist to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the city where I studied physics for six years. It's the city where I first met my ex-boyfriend. It's the city where I first... well, let's not get into that 😉

I have fond memories of this city. However, I never lived in Amsterdam before. So I am really happy to move there.

(*) Well, I do not live full-time in Amsterdam yet. I still have my appartment in Zeist as well. At the end of next week my stuff will be moved and I will move too.

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