.NET Framework 3.0 RTM

As announced here, Microsoft has released version 3.0 of the .NET Framework for download. You can download a couple of variants.

  • Bootstrapper setup program (2.80 MB) that inspects your computer and downloads the components that it needs
  • The x86 full version (50.3 MB)
  • The x64 full version (90.1 MB )

Probably needless to say, but these are the English language versions. Localized versions will be released in the near future.

The release of .NET Fx 3.0 had to be imminent, because Office 2007 RTM-ed last Friday, and it depends on Windows Workflow Foundation which is part of .NET Fx 3.0. Also Windows Vista is set to be completed this week and it has the .NET Fx 3.0 preinstalled.

There are accompanying downloads of

The Windows SDK is an RTM release. It's version number is 6.00.6000 which is the same as the RTM version number of Windows Vista. The Vista build number will be artifically bumped to 6000 once the final RTM build has been selected by Microsoft.

The Workflow extensions for VS 2005 (version 3.00.4203.2) are also an RTM version and will be supported by Microsoft.

However, the "Orcas" CTP of the WCF and WPF developer tools that currently runs on VS 2005 is the last to appear in this form. The next version will be integrated into "Orcas" builds of Visual Studio and will only be released as part of full-blown "Orcas" CTPs.  

If you develop using Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer and currently have the latest CTP installed, you will probably want to wait until a version of EID will be released that works on the RTM version of .NET Fx 3.0.

The RTM download of the x86 version of .NET Fx 3.0 is 1.6 MB bigger than the RC1 version. There has been a steady increase in size of the CTPs leading up RTM.

These are the main components in the .NET Fx 3.0 file:

The largest component is the RTM version of .NET Fx 2.0 that was digitally signed by Microsoft on September 23, 2005. So no red bits changes there. And no SP1 or anything like that. The list of components that I blogged previously still applies. There is still not much consistency in naming conventions of setup technology for these components. That might explain why installing it takes quite some time.

Unfortunately Microsoft has been unwilling to fix or explain their weird diversion from the naming conventions for the framework folders:

I mean: there is no build number in v3.0 like there is in all other Fx folder names; it's WPF but Windows Workflow Foundation?! I will have to live with it and be annoyed everytime I take a look in this folder 🙁 Note that .NET Fx 3.5 does have the build number in the folder name.

File version numbers:

  • WPF: 3.0.6920.0
  • WCF and WCS: 3.0.4506.30
  • WF: 3.0.4203.2

Assembly version number is for all of these. Here is the list of assemblies added on top of .NET Fx 2.0 by .NET Fx 3.0:

List of .NET Fx 3.0 assemblies

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