Still running Windows XP instead of Vista

This post is coming to you from Windows XP. I am glad I didn't flatten my hard disk when installing the RTM build of Windows Vista. On my home machine I am having more problems with the RTM build than with the beta 2, RC1 and RC2 builds!

Yesterday evening when my PC came out of standby, the screen on my main monitor remained black because the monitor stayed in the enery-saving mode. It took a while before I figured out what was going on. I have two monitors connected to my PC. I rarely use the second monitor so it was turned off. Nevertheless it had suddenly been assigned by Vista to be the primary and only monitor. When I turned it on, I could unlock my PC and switch the display back to my main monitor. Annoying, but not fatal.

Wireless networking is still kinda flaky for me in Vista. Just as on XP I regularly have to repair my wireless connection to get it working again when the computer comes out of standby or hibernation.

I was having trouble with the wired LAN connection as well. Windows Vista wasn't able to acquire an IP-address from my DHCP server. Turning off Windows Firewall didn't help. I had to manually configure an IP-adress, default gateway, etc. to get a connection 🙁 On Windows XP I never experienced this issue.

The real problem occurred this morning. During the boot process, after showing the Vista splash screen (which sucks big time BTW *) and playing the startup sound, both monitors turned black because they went into power-saving and there was no way to get anything on the screen.

Hopefully it's just a display driver issue. But it would be strange if a beta version from the ATI site works better than the RTM display driver included with Windows Vista.

So after posting this, it's time to boot into "safe mode" 🙁

Update 20:04: Upgrading to a new display driver gave a bit of trouble. The ATI setup wouldn't work in safe mode, because hardware detection failed. I had to disable the ATI drivers and boot back into normal mode. This time Vista booted with the standard display drivers and I was able to see something again. I could now install the new drivers. Rebooting after installation gave yet another black screen. The only difference: the monitor didn't go into power saving.

So it was back to safe mode again. After some experimentation I managed to get the ATI display driver working after disabling the Hauppage WinTV PVR PCI II driver. This is a Microsoft approved driver. Nevertheless it causes a conflict with the display driver.

*) Where is all the cool stuff that Microsoft was supposed to put in the RTM build? Apart from the problems I am experiencing, I hardly notice any difference with the RC2 build and I am unimpressed by the new Windows Vista sounds. Microsoft hasn't even put a decent graphic on the boot splash screen. It's just a green progress bar with "© Microsoft Corporation" beneath it.

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  1. Martijn

    I bought a new laptop and it was hardly powerful enough to run Vista. I decided to install Ubuntu Linux on the second partition and gave it a try. Ubuntu's interface is working very smooth, and it's 3D accelerated desktop (Using Beryl and Emerald) hardly ask anything of my integrated video card. I have used Windows for years, worked with a Mac and messed around with various Linux distros and I must say I'm impressed by Ubuntu. Not by Vista. I will give it another try in a year or so, but for now i need to by more expensive hardware to get that hog running. Amazing.


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