Windows Vista Hibernate Mystery

I've been booting into Windows Vista instead of Windows XP for the past week. The ride is still not very smooth.

I don't leave my computer running when I don't use it. Instead I have grown fond of the hibernate option in Windows XP. To my surprise it was no longer present on my machine in Windows Vista.

I should have a lot of options, but Hibernate is not one of them.

Go read Joel Spolsky's big complaint about the UI design for the whole shutdown story for Vista. And read about the frustration of one of the people involved in trying to design this feature: "The Windows Shutdown Crapfest". 

I found out that I could use the Sleep option instead. It turns out that this dumps the contents of the system RAM to disk and then switches the machine to a low-power mode without turning off. If I just cut the power when my computer is in this state, the situation is indistinguishable from hibernate. When I turn my computer back on, the system RAM is restored from disk and I am back where I left off.

Now comes the really strange part. Using the power options control panel (which has been completely redesigned when compared to XP) I can assign the Hibernate option to the Shutdown button in the Start menu!

I noticed that on other Vista machines the Hibernate option is present. It's a mystery why it is missing on my machine.

Leave a comment if you also don't have the Hibernate options in Windows Vista or if you know what is going on.

[Update 2006-12-03: This missing "Hibernate" issue is caused by having "Hybrid sleep" enabled in the advanced power settings.]

One thought on “Windows Vista Hibernate Mystery

  1. Philippines Dominic

    yes!! thanks for all your info!! It happened because of disk cleanup then if you do what JASON said: Windows Vista Hibernate Mystery
    Saturday, August 25, 2007 6:03 AM by jason

    the same thing happened to me!! hear is why hibernate is missing: You ran disck clean up!!! this is one of the many bugs still with vista that has yet to be resolved.

    Now hear is how to get it back:

    Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.

    then you Right-click Command Prompt, click Run as administrator, type powercfg -h on, and then press ENTER.



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