Great interview with Scott Guthrie on Channel 9

Earlier on Friday I played around with January 2007 CTP of Visual Studio "Orcas". Lots of things are still missing from this CTP. But more is coming soon.

Scott Guthrie reveals that lots of new web development stuff will be included in the next CTP which is scheduled for February 2007. He tells us that the new HTML/CSS designer from Expression Web will be included in Visual Studio "Orcas" as well. That's great news.

Scott tells this on Channel 9 where he is being interviewed by my favorite Channel 9 guy Rory. Scott is the best example I know of the friendly, open and approachable parts of the company that are growing inside Microsoft. It is great to hear him argue against the obfuscation of the XAML used by WPF/E. Scott is a guy who just gets it. He understands that better standards support by Microsoft for things like CSS is important. May lots of others Microsoftees follow his lead. Other topics in the interview: WPF, WPF/E, ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ, IIS 7.0, Scott's responsibilities in Microsoft as a General Manager and some personal anecdotes. Go see this great interview. It's worth 42 minutes of your life 😉

PS: If you live in or near the Central European Timezone, you might notice that I am posting this quite late on a Friday night/Saturday morning. I am already trying to adjust to Pacific Standard Time 😉 In two days a whole bunch of colleagues from the Netherlands will be flying to Seattle for the US part of the Microsoft LEAP program we are participating in. I leave on Sunday and will be back next Saturday.

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