LEAP Day 1

RJ has already blogged (in Dutch) about Tuesday's sessions of LEAP here at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.

Let me add that I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of product pushing by the Microsoft architects. The LEAP sessions in Barneveld (NL) were much more focussed on Microsoft products. They were mainly on the pros and not the cons of those products.

The sessions here in Redmond gave nice high-level overviews of a couple of topics that we as architects face in today's IT world.

The G-word seemed to be forbidden (apart from Gmail) but all-in-all Microsoft gave a balanced picture of software as a service.

The session by Jack Greenfield on Software Factories was the best of the day. I was already familiar with Microsoft's vision and strategy and the Sofware Factories Initiative. Hearing the man with the vision speak himself on this subject adds a lot to this.

On Thursday we can attend a workshop that goes into more depth on software factories and where Microsoft will show off early bits of the future products in this space. We have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before attending that session, so we can't blog about it.

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