LEAP Day 3

Day 3

On the third and last day with sessions, I attended the Software Factories workshop. We had to sign an NDA to attend this session even though only a small portion of the workshop was about future yet-to-be-disclosed technologies and product plans.

If you understand Dutch, go read RJ's observations for this day.

Don Smith gave the best presentation of the workshop. He mainly talked about the currently released Web Service Software Factory (WSSF) v2, so no secrets there. This version includes several code analysis rules for validating WCF configuration and semantics at design-time. WCF only validates these rules at runtime. However as I found out a year ago, code analysis is missing by design from the Team Architect SKU. The Professional Edition of Visual Studio 2005 is also missing code analysis. This severly limits the usefulness of this cool WSSF feature, because it will only work on the Team Developer SKU and the Team Suite SKU (which carries a very hefty price tag). I pinged Don about this, and he is trying to find out if code analysis can be included in Team Architect for the "Orcas" release of Visual Studio.

Getting back

Last Friday, most of us who attended the Microsoft LEAP program in Redmond flew back to Amsterdam. We arrived early Saturday morning at Schiphol Airport. During the flight we were warned multiple times about heavy turbulence. Nevertheless, it was a pretty smooth ride up till about 5 minutes before landing. Here is a shaky picture of the Amsterdam ArenA that I managed to take:

Amsterdam Arena from the air

My transition back to the Central European Timezone isn't feeling that smooth. I am fighting the temptation to go to sleep. If I would have gone to sleep this afternoon, I would be wide awake in the middle of the night.


A storm raged over large parts of Western Europe, including the Netherlands, last Thursday. I found everything back in one piece when I arrived home. The SBS broadcasting building nearby didn't fare so well:

Storm damage to the SBS building

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