Windows Vista Problems Decreasing

The global launch of Windows Vista yesterday brought a large number of updates with it. Yesterday I installed most of these updates (*). ATI released a new set of Catalyst drivers for my Radeon video card. And Microsoft made Vista drivers available for my new Windows LifeCam.

After these updates I noticed that my computer successfully goes into and comes out of hibernation. Previously I experienced severe problems with sleep and hibernation. These are gone now.

There is one major issue still bugging me. When Vista comes out of sleep or hibernation it cannot connect to the Internet. The wireless connection with my WiFi access point becomes available again, i.e., it shows up as connected. But Windows Vista says it has no Internet connectivity and indeed I cannot ping my SpeedTouch 716 ADSL modem. Running "Diagnose and repair" does not help. The only option to get network connectivity back is to disconnect from my wireless network and manually connect again.

All in all, I am making progress and I do not regret the switch from XP to Vista like Dennis does. I am also happily using Vista at work.

*) Out of the available updates, I installed only the Dutch language pack and not all other exotic languages that became available 😉 But where is the Dutch text-to-speech version?! And will there be any other English language voices other than Microsoft Anna?!

One thought on “Windows Vista Problems Decreasing

  1. Nope. I haven't been able to solve my WiFi issues. I sometimes even loose the WiFi connection when my computer is running and the only way to bring it back is to disable and then re-enable the wireless network adapter. Just reconnecting to the wireless network doesn't work ;-(


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