Web Service Software Factory and Enterprise Library 3.0

The December 2006 CTP of the Web Service Software Factory (WSSF) from Microsoft P&P ships with a 2.0 version of the Microsoft Enterprise Library. The Data Accesss factory inside Service Factory generates code which uses the Data Access Application Block from Enterprise Library.

This interface of the Data Access block hasn't changed significantly in the January 2007 CTP of version 3.0 of the Enterprise Library. I wondered if I could use this version of EntLib together with Service Factory.

It turns out that this is really easy. The Service Factory uses a registry key to locate the EntLib binaries. This key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftpatterns and practicesService FactoryEntlibBinaryPath.

It has a default value of C:Program FilesMicrosoft Service FactoryEnterprise Library Binaries. After you have installed EntLib 3.0, change the value to the location of the new binaries. For the January 2007 CTP the default location is C:Program FilesMicrosoft Enterprise Library 3.0 - January 2007 CTPBin.

If you create repository classes in your DataAccess project using the "Create data repository classes from business entities" recipe, the project will reference and use the 3.0 binaries.

One thought on “Web Service Software Factory and Enterprise Library 3.0

  1. Howard, if you have extended the Enterprise Library beyond the normal extensibility points, I think you would have to change the WSSF source code. WSSF comes with full sourcecode, so this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.


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