Flickr Metadata Synchr v0.2.0.0

I have published my Flickr Metadata Synchr project on CodePlex that I talked about developing here. You can always find the latest information on the project's Wiki page on CodePlex.

The current version is It's still far from complete, but it already contains some nice features and code that you might want to look into if you are developing a WPF app or an app that wants to connect to Flickr. For instance:

  • Remembering window position and state for an WPF application. Check out my blog entry about this.
  • A managed wrapper around the Select Folder dialog box in shell32.dll (SHBrowseForFolder API) that is more flexible than the standard wrapper FolderBrowserDialog in .NET 2.0 and exposes more of the underlying API.
  • A visually styled declaration for a WPF application, so you don't get an old-fashioned look for things like a FileOpenDialog on Windows XP and Vista. This requires you to embed a custom manifest in the executable. This proved to be a bit more challenging than just calling "EnableVisualStyles()" in your Main method as you can do in a WinForms 2.0 application. Check out this article which explains the visual styling problem.

The nice thing about developing on CodePlex is that you have access to a lot of the power of a hosted Team Foundation Server. You can potentially develop your project from any machine with Visual Studio 2005 and an Internet connection. Of course it also allows a team of people to work on the same application. At the moment it is just me.

The downside of developing on CodePlex is that the whole world can watch your code and all of your check-ins as you go. So you automatically become a bit more careful. In other words, it is not as quick as hacking up a closed source application just for yourself.

Here is a screenshot of version of my app:

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