Expression Web and Blend in MSDN Subscription

Microsoft has some great news today: the new Expression Web (already RTM) and Expression Blend (RTM later in Q2 2007) tools will be included in the MSDN Premium Subscription. Soma announced this on his blog. This is the result from strong feedback from the developer community.

Although I am not a graphical designer, I have to come to appreciate both tools.

Expression Blend goes beyond what you can accomplish with "Cider". "Cider" is the codename for the WPF design surface that will be included in Visual Studio "Orcas". I used Blend to design the UI for my Flickr Metadata Synchr. And we have used it at LogicaCMG for a WPF showcase application.

Expression Web has a much richer HTML/CSS editor than the one in Visual Studio 2005. VS "Orcas" will come with a new HTML/CSS editor based on the same codebase. This will lessen the need for a separate tool for web developers, but "Orcas" will not RTM before the end of this year. I am still working on getting a more graphically inclined colleague to give up on Dreamweaver and switch to Expression Web 😉

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