Silverlight: FONT tags all over again?!

Some people use hyperbole to refer to the disclosure of Silverlight and CoreCLR by Microsoft at MIX07. April 30, 2007 has been called the day that will be remembered as the day that Microsoft "rebooted the web".

This might be true in more than one way. I was just reading the Silverlight SDK and was struck by a feeling of deja-vu:

<TextBlock FontFamily="Arial" Width="400" Text="Sample text formatting runs">
  <Run Foreground="Maroon" FontFamily="Courier New" FontSize="24">Courier New 24</Run>
  <Run Foreground="Teal" FontFamily="Times New Roman" FontSize="18" FontStyle="Italic">Times New Roman Italic 18</Run>
  <Run Foreground="SteelBlue" FontFamily="Verdana" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold">Verdana Bold 14</Run>

Doesn't it feel like FONT tags all over again to you too?

This is not revolutionizing the web, this is indeed rebooting the web. Just after text on the web has been semantically liberated from FONT and TABLE tags by judicious use of CSS, we are going back to the future...

PS: Although there is extremely tight coupling between text and layout in this piece of XAML, it is still a much better situation than text locked up in .swf files. At least it is indexable by search engines. Hopefully, Microsoft is just going after the Flash market and doesn't lure us into putting all text inside Silverlight controls leaving the (X)HTML page as just an otherwise empty shell around such controls.

PS2: Here is another commentary by someone who sees some downsides to this new "rich" web as well.

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