Windows Vista Crash without BSOD

I just experienced my first Windows Vista crash that didn't even display a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). My computer just suddenly rebooted, complaining about an improper system shutdown.

So what did I do?

I was trying to mount a VHD file (Virtual Hard Disk) with the vhdmount.exe tool from Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 RC. Apparently that made Windows Vista very unhappy.

So why did I want to mount a VHD file?

Windows Vista comes with the CompletePC Backup tool that allows you to backup an entire harddisk to a VHD file on an external hard drive. CompletePC Backup only allows you to restore the entire image in the case of hardware failure or system corruption. This makes it less then useful (as in completely useless) when you want to restore individual files. vhdmount.exe to the rescue! Or so you would think.

Is mounting a VHD file easy on Windows Vista?

No. This blog entry by the VirtualPC Guy would make you think that it is just a matter of installing the vhdmount.exe tool, importing some registry settings once, and just doubleclicking a VHD file. That doesn't actually work on Windows Vista with UAC turned on. The tool requires elevated priviliges and the Windows Explorer process doesn't have them. The tool doesn't initiate a UAC prompt to elevate. So you have to run a command line (cmd.exe) with administrative priviliges and run the vhdmount.exe tool from there.

Why did I want to restore some files?

I haven't actually lost data yet. I just wanted to make sure that I can restore my data in the unfortunate case that disaster chooses to strike in the future. The recent CodePlex disaster made me look into my own backup strategies again.

Now I know, that my backup strategy doesn't work ;(

Why didn't my backup strategy work?

My external USB-harddrive is formatted using the EXT2 filesystem (read here why) and I think the Ext2IFS driver doesn't play too well with vhdmount.exe. I'll have to investigate further, but the prospect of having to suffer through multiple crashes in the process is not very alluring.

One thought on “Windows Vista Crash without BSOD

  1. Terry

    Vista crashes and freezes many times in one day. so, to the other people considering to buy Vista, don't!
    It's waste of money and time.


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