Flickr Metadata Synchr v0.9.0.0

Best wishes to everyone for 2008!

In the first day of the new year, I've released version of my Flickr Meta Synchr tool. You can always find the latest version on CodePlex.

I had been working on this new version for a while now, but didn't get around to finishing it. Improvements in this new version:

  • Added much better activity logging. The activity log can now be shown in an additional window and is persisted to disk.
  • Added the option to match pictures on title and filename. This is useful when images have been timeshifted and cannot be matched on date taken.
  • Bug fixes. Improved stability when corrupt image files are encountered. Fixed GPS roundtripping bug.
  • Should run better on 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista.
  • Solution is now built in Visual Studio 2008 without the need for any additional WPF extensions.

Here is a screenshot of version

Flickr Metadata Synchr v0.9.0.0

One thought on “Flickr Metadata Synchr v0.9.0.0

  1. Bless you and bless open source software. This is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I started to write myself until I found yours! Thank you a thousand times!


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