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Yesterday evening I found that McDonald's is discriminating against the car-impaired. I am currently in Seattle for the Microsoft TechReady conference. After a photo walk with two colleagues we were getting thirsty and hungry. I managed to stay out of McDonald's for the almost four weeks that I have been in the States, but the McDonald's two blocks away from the Space Needle was a bit hard to resist.

We arrived there at 23:02 and the "restaurant" had just closed. However, the drive thru (yes, that seems to be the correct spelling here) is open 24 hours per day. But what do you do when you don't have a car? You walk through the drive thru. We weren't carrying enough metal to trip the detector in front of the ordering pole. So we couldn't state our order. We preceded to the pay window to order there. The guy there looked very amazed and said he could not and would not serve us. WTF! "Why not?" we asked. "Because you don't have a car", he replied. Disappointed we left. Next time, I will try riding a bike through the drive tru.

In the mean time I will boycot McDonald's for a while.

PS: This is just for my own good as I have the feeling that I gained a couple of kilos here in the US.

It depends on the situation if I self-identify as a geek or not. Today, I thought it would be fine, so I signed up for the Geek Dinner organized by Scott Hanselman in Bellevue, WA.

Quite a lot of people showed up. I went there with my colleague Erwin van der Valk. He was a Development Consultant, like I currently am, at Microsoft Services in the Netherlands. Erwin now works on the Patterns & Practices team at Microsoft in Redmond.

I took this picture of the entire group:

Microsoft Geek Dinner 

After dinner, a large portion of the group went to the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery in Bellevue to continue the conversation. I had some really interesting discussions, over beer, with guys from several different product teams and a fellow MCS consultant based in Denver, CO. And not even all about Microsoft technology 😉

Too bad, I won't be able to attend this event in the near future again, unless I just happen to be in the neighborhood.